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There is a huge range of equipment on offer for archery however the club can help you get started by offering the opportunity to hire equipment.


Subject to availability there would be an opportunity to hire a bow. The hire must be taken for a minimum of three months and there is a maximum hire period of twelve months. The cost is £15 per month and there is an additional £30 refundable deposit per person. The deposit will be returned when the bow and peripherals are returned in good working order. Please note that should an arrow or sight be broken whilst the equipment is on hire there will be a charge levied of £5 per arrow or sight.


Bowmen of Burleigh do not undertake long term hire of equipment as our equipment for hire is suitable for only beginners and there will come a time when the beginner will literally outgrow what the club can offer in this area.  There are several centres who can help you make the right decisions for you when you are ready to buy your own equipment and as a member you can find out if others have equipment to sell or advice to give.