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Joining the Club

We have a thriving membership of both juniors (aged 10 - 17) and seniors (aged up to 87). We have a number of members who shoot competitively and others who shoot for recreation only. We also have an international judge as a member.


Our club is a friendly one and has a very relaxed and inviting feel to it. The majority of members shoot the Recurve bow, but the club has a strong section shooting compound bows and one or two shoot the traditional longbow.


We shoot all year round outside at Cantley Park and indoors on Sundays during November to March in the Emmbrook senior school sports hall.


The club supplies a substantial proportion of the Berkshire County archery team and has had a number of international representatives. Members compete successfully in open tournaments throughout the country, but others are happy simply to shoot for pleasure at the club in nice surroundings and with pleasant, like-minded companions. In the winter the club enters a number of senior and junior teams in postal leagues.

We have no facilities for clout or field shooting, although members do enter outside competitions in these disciplines.

How to Join

New to Archery?

All archery clubs will insist that potential joining members have attended a beginners course before they can be admitted as members, and we are no exception.  If you take one of our introductory courses you are welcome to join our club. Our certificates are usually accepted at most clubs if you choose.


Taken an Archery GB affiliated beginners course?

If you have taken a Beginners Course provided by an Archery GB affiliated Club; run with a structured plan of tuition by an Archery GB qualified coach then you are welcome to join our club.


Former or current Archery GB registered Archer?

If you are a lapsed archer then we offer a "Return to Shooting" process which includes a meeting with one of our coaches before we offer you a membership.  Please contact us to request a "Return to Shooting" interview.  If you are an established archer with a current  ArcheryGB registration we can get you shooting quickly if you contact us.

Introductory Courses

The cost of the course is £80 for each individual. Costs for the Beginners Course are paid up front. All equipment to enable you to complete the course is provided during tuition.

When we are shooting at Cantley Park a course would run over two consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, each session for three hours giving a total tuition period of 6 hours. Our coaches, who run the courses, are volunteers and have full time jobs so we are not able to run courses during the week days.


During the winter we move indoors to shoot, then the courses are run on a Sunday afternoon, again for two sessions of three hours per session.  We do endeavour to run courses at other times and this will depend on the availability of coaches. Coaches are volunteers and will invariably have work commitments, so courses are not run on weekdays during the day. If you pass at the end of the course, then you will be
awarded a certificate and it will be signed off by an Archery GB affiliated coach.

Contact Us to join the waiting list.

Equipment Hire

There is a huge range of equipment on offer for archery however the club can help you get started by offering the opportunity to hire equipment.


Subject to availability there would be an opportunity to hire a bow. The hire must be taken for a minimum of three months and there is a maximum hire period of twelve months. The cost is £15 per month and there is an additional £30 refundable deposit per person. The deposit will be returned when the bow and peripherals are returned in good working order. Please note that should an arrow or sight be broken whilst the equipment is on hire there will be a charge levied of £5 per arrow or sight.


Bowmen of Burleigh do not undertake long term hire of equipment as our equipment for hire is suitable for only beginners and there will come a time when the beginner will literally outgrow what the club can offer in this area.  There are several centres who can help you make the right decisions for you when you are ready to buy your own equipment and as a member you can find out if others have equipment to sell or advice to give.

Joining the Club
Introductory Courses
Equipment Hire
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