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Within in the club there is on average 25 junior members of whom the ages range from 10 to 18 years old. The majority of the juniors shoot the Olympic Recurve type bow but there is a small section that have chosen the compound and longbow as their preferred shooting method.


Although encouraged to shoot alongside the adult members of the club, during the Outdoor Season (April to October) the Thursday nights are specifically set-aside for junior shooting to take priority. This enables the juniors to integrate within their own age range in a non-pressure situation to hone their skills at a pace they enjoy.


A number of the juniors simply shoot for fun whilst others wishing to develop can seek the advice of the coaches at hand to develop onwards and endeavour to make it into the county squad or higher.


There are a number of rewards that can be earned throughout the year. These are the classification badges, arrow awards and the progression awards. There are also awards made bi-annually to the most improved handicap archer, there is a junior league title and a cup for endeavour. Couple this with the championships held twice a year and every archer, irrespective of ability, can achieve the standard they set for themselves.


All Club Members running the Junior Section of the Bowmen of Burleigh and have been DBS checked in line with national policies for sports clubs. This should give parents the peace of mind that their child is safe.

In order that Juniors are safe, the club has high expectations of all adults including parents and the document below is the agreement that we ask all parents and carers to abide by when their junior is a member of the club.

We would also recommend that parents read the Safeguarding commitments set out by Archery GB on their website.

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