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The inaugural shoot was held at Windsor Forest Stud, Burleigh, Ascot on 11th December 1977. The Club moved to its present location at Cantley Park, Wokingham in 1990. There are approximately 90 shooting members, both senior and junior, as well as a number of non-shooting members.


The club formed Burleigh Junior Archers in May 2002 to give the growing number of junior members an identity of their own and reduce costs for their parents. A junior club is required to pay one affiliation fee which provides the insurance and is met from club funds. The Club is affiliated to the Grand National Archery Society, the Southern Counties Archery Society and the Berkshire Archery Association.


Past Club members have been selected to represent teams at various levels up to and including the Olympics. Four past members have attained archery's highest classification of Grand Master Bowman. Two ladies have won the UK Ladies Championship and the UK Masters Championship. One Junior boy was National Boy Champion.


There is a summer outdoor and winter indoor shooting programme, with the Club Championships held at the end of the summer season. The Club also hosts an annual Open Tournament for Junior and Senior archers which has been accorded National Record Status.


In 1996, 2001 and 2002 the Club hosted the Berkshire County Championships and both senior and junior members of the Club shoot regularly in the County teams. Insurance is provided subject to certain conditions, details of which are shown in the G.N.A.S. handbook a copy of which is in the club hut.